Pacific Rim Business Brokers Pty Limited


The NSW motel industry offers exciting opportunities for new buyers.  If you decide to join this growth industry you should take the following steps.

  1.  Decide on the type of motel you wish to purchase, your preferred area and price range.

  2.  Contact Pacific Rim Business Brokers.  We will provide you with complete details of all properties on the market that fulfil your criteria.

  3.  If we do not have a motel for sale that suits your requirements, we will contact all motel owners in your preferred area that fulfil your criteria to see if they would be willing to sell.

  4.  INSPECT ALL PROPERTIES on the market that come close to meeting your requirements.  Remember, you will never find a motel that is 100% acceptable, but you will find a motel that is 80% acceptable and can be converted to 100% acceptability. 

  5.  When inspecting properties always ask yourself “what can I do to improve this motel?”

  6.  Base your price on the current trading figures, but also take account of future potential. 

  7.  MAKE OFFERS!  If you make an offer based on a realistic perception of the market price you are very likely to be successful.  If you never make an offer you will never buy a motel.

  8.  Keep in touch with Pacific Rim Business Brokers.  Our satisfied clients are enjoying excellent profit growth and capital gains in the motel industry.  We want you to join them.